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The Baseball Players Association, INC.

Established in 2000 by Hugh Cantrell in Lexington, Kentucky. The Baseball Players Association is a full service organization that offers a division of play and a level of competition that baseball players can enjoy.


Today more than ever, conducting your business in a cost-effective manner is a crucial ingredient to success. If you are spending a significant amount of time and money in securing qualifying tournaments and post season tournaments, you are probably losing thousands of dollars each year.

Baseball Players Association (BPA) is specifically designed to meet the special needs of each complex owner and the parks/recreation departments for today and in the future. That means under BPA’s present structure your complex will never have to bid on a post season tournament. The BPA is not in the tee shirt novelty business – those rights belong to your complex and the tournament director. Around the country, park/complex owners and park/recreation directors search for new and better ways to satisfy their teams, managers and sponsors. Where there is a need, BPA is ready to respond with a system that guarantees more post season berths to the teams participating in BPA leagues and tournaments. This alone will make the teams, managers and sponsors more receptive to playing in your parks.

The BPA offers your complex and parks/recreation department the opportunity to send baseball teams directly to the State, National Regional and World Series Tournaments through BPA sanctioned leagues and qualifying tournaments at no cost to you.

The BPA also offers your complex and parks/recreation department the opportunity to host State, National Regional and World Series Tournaments every year at not cost to you. NO BIDDING! The BPA is an organization with you, the parks & recreation director or private complex owner in mind.

Baseball Players Association’s MISSION is to be the most successful Baseball Association in the United States. We will achieve success by uncompromising commitment to:


    Dedicated to meeting the needs of the teams, coaches, sponsors and park owners.


    A company wide attitude that recongizes that team/sponsor/coach satisfaction is everything.


    An acknowledgment that our Directors and Umpires are our most valuable resource. We are committed to fostering an environment where recognition, innovation and communication are encouraged and rewarded.


    Offering only the highest quality league and tournament playing facilities, providing customers with an outstanding balance of selection and services.


    Conducting our business with uncompromising honesty and integrity.



    Strive to promote our continued intellectual growth and to conduct ourselves as dedicated professionals.


    Demand the highest levels of integrity and responsibility to support the Baseball Players Association.


    Foster a climate where diversity of thought and expression are encouraged and cooperatively applied to better accomplish our mission.


    Appreciate and treat all individuals with respect and dignity


    Continually strive for unsurpassed excellence in all we do